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Making music, making a difference

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014

Making music, making a difference

There are so many talented musicians doing wonderful things for others with their music.  This sharing of ones talent is truly a gift of self….while the enjoyment of playing and performing is still there….when a musician, or any artist really, gives of their craft for a cause there is more there than just an action.  At least, that is how I see it.

We are so honored and excited to be playing at a wonderful event called “The Gathering” on Thurs. Oct 23, 2014.  This is the yearly fundraising event held at and for City of Refuge in Atlanta.  If you aren’t familiar with it (and neither were we until recently) please take a minute to visit their website and see what it is all about.  In a very small nutshell let me just tell you that this amazing place is located in the zip code 30314.  Ask any law enforcement officer and they will tell you that it is  THE worst area in the city.  It is a community in crisis….but it is changing…thanks to the incredibly giving, hard working and faith filled folks who are building this community into one of action, support, love and change.

The mission of City of Refuge is to bring light, hope and transformation to Atlanta’s last, lost and least. This may sound like an impossible task. But spend a day walking our streets and talking to those who call City of Refuge their home, their place of work and their place of service, and you’ll start to see that miracles can and do happen here.

We are so looking forward to this event and meeting the people who live here and those who volunteer, work, donate and make a difference.  You can rest assured that we will be playing and singing with our whole heart, mind and soul for these folks…I think it is going to be an evening we won’t soon forget…..

Here is a link to an article in the Atlanta Journal telling how Bruce Deel    created this place and the journey he took to get here.



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