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A Little Excitement To Share

Posted by on Dec 28, 2014

A Little Excitement To Share

This past Saturday, my sister, Anne, and I left home to drive up to Mountain City, Ga.  Home of Foxfire.  The very place where LMHC filmed our video, Appalachia Goodbye.  I have known about Foxfire for quite sometime…indeed, most Georgians are aware of the series of books that came from the English program at Rabun Gap Nacoochee School(and later Rabun County High School).  It’s a great story….if you aren’t familiar with it and want to know more please click this link for more information.

Anne and I were headed up there to speak with Kaye Collins, the writer of the articles for the 50th Anniversary Edition of Foxfire.  More precisely, we were headed up there to be interviewed by Kaye for inclusion in the book!  The book will cover stories from then and now….I am so thrilled to be a part of the now part of the book.  This is a place that is near and dear to my heart and soul.  The mountains of Georgia have been my stomping ground since I was a kid…..continued to feed my soul through college and adulthood….and as entertainment for my young children and any out of town guests that needed to see the beauty of this area to fully grasp the essence of my home state!

This is a thrill and a dream come true to be a part of something like this.  When I realized that Foxfire was the perfect place to tell the visual story of this song (written by PJ Engeman) and approached Ann Moore(director) I prayed that she would see how perfect a setting it was and how I loved this area…..wonderfully so….she got it!

It won’t be out until Spring of 2016, but it is in the works now…..

We are so excited and so honored to be a part of the telling of the history and magic of this beautiful land, the people there , then and now, and to be able to be held within the pages of it’s history.

Thank you Ann Moore and Kaye Collins!

Here is the link to our video, Appalachia Goodbye.  Thanks for watching and listening….stay tuned for more ……

Foxfire InterviewFoxfire view



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  1. What wonderful and exciting news, Laura! I remember those books! Can’t wait to see this in 2016!!!

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