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Laura Monk still making music/Foxfire Book is here!

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016

Laura Monk still making music/Foxfire Book is here!

It seems kind of funny that the last post on this page was about being included in the new 50th Anniversary edition of Foxfire.  Here I am to tell you that the book is here and making it’s debut tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 3, 2016 at the Decatur Book Festival.  I have not seen the actual book nor held it in my hands yet, but I have a picture of the cover.  So excited to see the “article” in print.

Truly, time does fly…the children in this video are so grown up now…but how wonderful that we have captured them in this beautiful place with this special song in the back ground.  The song, Appalachia Goodbye, was written by our drummer, PJ Engeman.   In the lyrics PJ  captures so many elements of life in Appalachia.  The band, Dan Foster on lead guitar, John Monk on bass and PJ Engman on percussion and myself on vocals and rhythm guitar arranged the song and Alex and Sharon van Rossum filmed it.  I still get teary eyed when I watch and listen.  Although, this band is no longer together (each going their own way to make more music….well except for John…he stays with me and we are now Pickxen!) we all treasure the time we had together to make music and share this experience.  To read more about the story of Laura Monk and Foxfire you must read the book!  Go to the home page for this website to find a link to the song.  You can watch the video here:  Appalachia Goodbye video

Foxfire is a one of a kind thing…it is land, it is history, it is faith, it is trust, it is food for the soul, it is strong, it is family, it is still growing.  Okay, so maybe it is at least 8 things to me!  I have loved this place and it’s purpose since I stumbled upon it while working as a camp counselor during my freshman year of college at Camp Dixie in Clayton, Ga.  I continue to fall in love with it everytime I visit.

Thank you especially to Ann Moore and Kaye Collins for all the work and love you continue to poor into this heavenly place.  I am so thrilled to be a part of the written and sung works of Foxfire.  I will be at booth 714 tomorrow to help launch this treasure of a book….and to sign yours if you wish! (pinch me!)


Foxfire Cover

Foxfire Cover

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