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New video link right here!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2013

New video link right here!

Please check out our new video to Appalachia Goodbye.  Just click below…please share this link with your friends and relations as well! Much appreciated!!!

 click here  Appalachia Goodbye

We are so grateful for your sharing and passing this around!

You are all so wonderful…we can’t thank you enough!!!!


  1. Really enjoy the music! My affinity to the mountains of Northeast Georgia runs deep. My grandfather, Jesse Martin Carter, was born and reared on property now occupied by the Rabun Gap-Nachoochie School. My great,great grandfather, Jesse Carter, purchased the entire Lot #147 containing 250 acres in November,1822 for $300.00.

    Keep up the good work. Don’t let that special mountain music die out!

    • Dear Carl,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write! And thank you for your bit of history. I will be sure to share this when we are playing this song live. $300…..imagine that?
      I love that area….worked at Camp Dixie during my college summers, my sister went to Rabun Gap NS as a senior so she could be a part of Foxfire and my boys went to High Harbor…..that area is our favorite place to take visitors.
      We are so thrilled you like the music…we would love to see and meet you at a show sometime. If you haven’t already done so please join our email list!..and if you are on facebook would you like our page
      All the best to you!

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