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Surprises…..Once In A Lifetime

Posted by on Feb 16, 2014

Surprises…..Once In A Lifetime

Surprises that are once in a lifetime!

There are really very few…speaking for myself. I’ve had friends give me wonderful surprise parties…but there was still an inkling that something was up….you know that “ I suspect” feeling?

So… ‘So Far’…the true surprises that have happened to me were finding out the sex of my two children when they were born…not ahead of time(both of them wonderful boys…now men!).

Another time was when my sweet husband, John(bass player!), told me he loved me after we were only dating about a month! That was totally unexpected, but it proved to be true and a wonderful thing!

The other real surprise in my life happened yesterday in Blue Ridge, Ga.

Dan and I were playing at the Fire and Ice Chili Cook-off Festival as LMHC Lite. Having a grand time playing for some wonderful folks….a little chilly, but delightful just the same. We were almost finished with our set…on the last verse of the last song, Southern Belle Blues, when this group of people come running in and put themselves right smack in the front row and they are chanting Laura, Laura, Laura…..
I was shocked, surprised and flabbergasted!!!

There they were….the entire (well almost, Catherine and John were stuck in NY due to the weather), Milligan clan!!!! Dear friends that I hadn’t seen in at least 6 years! I was stunned, shocked, joyful, tearful and dumbfounded!!! The lyrics to my own song that I have been singing for years flew right out of my head!

These people were a huge influence in my life and were such a valuable part of my boys childhood. Connie and I worked together at St John Neumann Church and I cannot even begin to tell you how many times this strong woman counseled me and listened to my troubles. Bill, her husband of 50 yrs(this weekend…which is why the family was in Blue Ridge…to celebrate all together with a trip to the mtns.) was a great example of a good man and I know my boys learned a lot from his actions and words.
Their children, Clay, Carolyn, Catherine and Patrick, were varying ages when we first met…I’ve seen them grow and mature from teenagers to young adults to parents themselves.
What a thrill to see all of these people complete with the next generation right there in Blue Ridge, Ga. Totally unexpected on all of our parts. They were driving to town for the festival…not sure where to go(I think they were coming from their cabin) and they googled the festival for directions and they happened to see the schedule of entertainment and there was my name….they rushed to get there before we were done and they made it just in time. I am thankful that they didn’t arrive earlier because I am not sure I would have been able to finish the set!

Thank you Milligans’ for popping in! You have made my decade, So Far!!!! ;-)


  1. We were equally as surprised and excited! You look great and your music is also as great as ever. This was truly a highlight of our celebration. Connie & Bill Milligan

    • Thank you Connie!!! I love you all!!!

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