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Who is High Cotton?

Who is High Cotton?

In the South the phrase ‘High Cotton’ recalls a time when your fortune was determined by the success of your crops. If you grew cotton and things went well and the cotton grew ‘high’ you were guaranteed a good crop and life was good. You were literally in “High Cotton”….we’re betting on success!

We love performing live. It’s amazing when you are performing and you can tell that the audience gets what you are trying to convey in your music!!! We try to pull the listener in whether it’s with trivia that rewards with extremely tacky prizes or a song that pulls at the heart strings.

We are well seasoned performers whose musical experience ranges from Pop, Jazz, Celtic, Rock and Country. Our influences include; Roget and Webster, John Hiatt, Dolly Parton, Ogden Nash, Carol King, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Shane McGowan, Tom Rush, John Sebastian, Paul Simon, Willie Dixon, Traditional Ballads, Lucinda Williams.

High Cotton started as a duo with Laura and John Monk in 2003, PJ (percussion)found Laura & John and joined to make a trio in the Fall of 2005. And in 2007, with the addition of Dan, on lead guitar their sound is complete.

You can bet that every performance delivers a full bale of High Cotton!

Laura is a Southerner by birth and a Southerner in her heart…Southern music fed her soul and influences the music she makes today. She started playing guitar as a freshman in college (just last year!) and began the business of performing in coffee houses and such. Various songs from Carole King, Neil Young, Joan Baez, Child Ballads, Dolly Parton…all found a place in her repertoire. Original tunes began to pop into her head and they are still showing up! Dipping her toes into community theater musicals and a performer at Renaissance Festivals in NC and Ga for 8 yrs, being in cover bands and Celtic Bands all contribute to the current mix of music she makes with High Cotton.

After failing in his chosen career as inventor, (“baby’s first nun-chucks” and “squirrel mittens” are two of his notable failures), John’s interests suddenly turned toward music. Unable to count past five, instruments like guitars and mandolins only confused him. He happily scooped up a three stringed bass at a pawn shop after buying the owner’s hastily crocheted pitch for the potential the axe had once it grew a fourth string. After waiting several years for the fourth string to sprout, (and losing consecutive chess games to a man who made a living impersonating Hal Holbrook impersonating Mark Twain), John took matters (and the bass) into his own hands and sallied fourth upon the onion fields of musicality. The rest they say, is history.

DanI have been playing guitar and enjoying music for longer than I can remember. I am also a song writer and like to add vocal harmonies to song arrangements. I have been influenced by guitar legends like Chet Atkins, Clapton and the Allman Brothers duo of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts. My musical goals include helping LMHC to achieve great success within the Americana music industry and writing songs that earn the respect of other song writers.

PJ EngemannI’m a ‘kid’ of the 60′s who grew up on Long Island, in the shadow of the Big Apple. How much of it I remember is open to much speculation. I took advantage of all the musical diversity the town had to offer: Rock, Folk, Jazz and Country. I began drum lessons early on and in High School played with a jazz quartet. I also picked up the guitar so I could ‘jam’ with my guitar-player brother and because girls liked guitar players better than drummers. Since I spent a significant amount of time in bars anyway and because it beat working, I continued to play with a variety of bands. Laura Monk & High Cotton added me as part of the work release program.


  1. We are preparing for our Second Annual Strawberry Festival on April 28th, 2012. We were wondering if you were available for that date and what you charge per performance. How long is a performance? Please email us back with information or call me on my cell phone. (706-224-4464)

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    Lindsay Brown
    Washington Farms

  2. Don’t forget to see Laura Monk and High Cotton this Sunday Sept 8th at Hillbilly Palloza an outdoor Americana Music Festival (2-8pm). 4 top Americana Bands – One low Price (only $10) Music on Main Street, Lilburn, GA. info: 678-642-5033

    • Hey Diesel.
      WE are looking forward to this event!! September 8 is gonna be one full fun day of music!

  3. I have known Laura and the gang for about 2 years now. This is one professional group whether she is with High Cotton or as a single/duo. The entire band is a class act and I am proud to call all of them my friends.

    • Marty thank you for your kind and supportive words! I am a little behind in checking the site! Sure appreciate you taking the time to make a comment!

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